I often give presentations of my research at various meetings, seminars, and conferences. This is a summary of my most recent talks, with links to the slides if you’re interested*.

(This list is under construction and not yet complete.)

Date Venue Title (w/ link to PDF)
November 2012 SNR-PWN Workshop (CNRS DR13; Montpellier, France) – INVITED – The H.E.S.S. Galactic Plane Survey: Mission accomplished?
April 2012 CEA/IRFU Supernova Remnant Group, Monthly Meeting (CEA Saclay, France) SNR G343.1-2.3
February 2012 LPNHE/Jussieu, CNRS CR2 Candidate Seminar (Paris, France) H.E.S.S.-II: New instrument, new science
September 2011 AAS, High Energy Astrophysics Division Meeting (Newport, RI, USA) VHE gamma rays from synchrotron-dominated SNRs
June 2011 Cosmic rays & their interstellar medium environment (CRISM; Montpellier, France) TeV gamma-ray observations of OH maser-emitting SNRs

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